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    Usually, 6th grade students at Wood have a pool party at the end of the year, but this year some students have developed a committee to change the trip.  YOU are part of this newly formed committee.  Your committee has the idea to go on an adventurous trip that will be filled with fun and excitement.     


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    In a group of three, your task is to research four possible trip locations and decide on one.  As a group, everyone will work together to:

A.  Investigate the four possible NEW trip locations

B.  Create an itinerary for the trip your group has selected as the new end of the year trip

C.  Finally, your group will make a persuasive PowerPoint presentation that will be used to convince Mr. Brubaker that your trip is the best!

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Step One: Investigate four possible trip locations

 In your group, each member has a critical job to complete! Each member will evaluate the trip location websites based on an assigned role.  Fill out the evaluation graphic organizer (Click here) as you are searching through the websites.


Cost Calculator

Money, money money!  You job is to calculate how much each trip is going to cost.  Explore the sites for per person costs and group rates.

Calculate it!
Click here for a calculator.

Also consider traveling costs.  The farther away we travel, the more money we will spend on gas.

Click here to get the distance from Wood Middle School.

Adventure Accumulator

GOT ADVENTURE? Think about the five characteristics of adventure.  Your job is to find out what programs each location offers.  Are they exciting?  Are they action-packed? Go forth and find the fun!

Facilities Finder

I'm hungry!!!  Well, your job is to find out what types of facilities each location offers.  Do they have restrooms, a place to eat lunch, snacks, or a cafeteria to buy food?  Also, find out if they provide necessary equipment and if emergency services are provided.  


Step Two:  Choosing and Planning

   Each member of the team should present their findings. Discuss your investigation notes for 9 minutes (each member getting 3 minutes each).  As a group answer the task question, Which trip would you like to go on?  Once you choose a destination, fill out the choosing and planning worksheet (Click here ).


Step Three: Create a Persuasive PowerPoint Presentation

    Here comes the tough part!  You must persuade Mr. Brubaker to let you go on the trip your group has planned.  As a group, create a persuasive PowerPoint Presentation.  Click here and read the instruction sheet before moving on.


Go ahead.  Try to convince me!


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Click here for the PowerPoint rubric.

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You've done it!  All of your hard work has paid off.  Mr. Brubaker has approved your idea for a new end of the year trip.  However, your work is not complete yet!  Now, each group member must write a business letter to the company your group selected requesting the use of their facilities.  Read the prompt (Click here) before you begin to write your letter.

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*A special thank you to Stacy Dimmick and Michelle Lipson for all of their help.
*Thank you to Lori Burns and Donna O'Keiff for their help.

Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion

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